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GACC Remedy

  • 01


    According to the new policy, Competent Authority must be the country's official food safety regulatory agency, excluding non-administrative agencies, associations, trade organizations, etc.
  • 02

    Agent Remedy

    Agents are inexperienced, unprofessional and inefficient; Losing contact with agents; Fraudulent websites; Registration interruption; Various failed applications and frauds.
  • 03

    GACC Audit Failed

    After file, video, on-site inspections, etc. Applicant was judged not to meet the access requirements of GACC, and the Cifer registration system showed reasons of disapproval.
  • 04

    Other Remedies

    It generally refers to product compliance, remedial measures and appeal assistance; official sampling inspection responses, laboratory testing interventions, etc.
  • 05

    Supervision System

    Overseas official food safety supervision system of 18 categories of imported food has not been carried out or has not passed the conformity assessment of the Chinese customs, etc.


  • Professional Service

    Many years of professional experience, familiar with Chinese customs access and product compliance laws and regulations, maintain close communication with overseas food safety regulatory agencies, and help customers achieve enterprise access and product compliance per official standards and procedures. Quickly enter the Chinese market to enhance competitiveness.
  • Strong Team

    We are a highly qualified professional team with rich experience, insisting on the service tenet of innovation, execution, competitiveness, and progressing. All relevant staff have obtained doctoral, master, and bachelor degrees, and have been engaged in food cooperation for many years. Most of the employees have overseas experience, and are familiar with the food legal system in China and abroad, communicate smoothly without language barriers, and can provide food standard translation and access operation training.
  • Global Vision

    We have the vision of "becoming a global food compliance service provider", and provide technical support for government officials, industry associations, manufacturers, and exporters in various countries so that customers can meet the target market access conditions, eliminate technical trade barriers, and promote globalization. Food trade integration provides high-quality compliance technology solutions.
  • Strict Confidentiality

    We only focus on food business access and product compliance services. We contribute great importance to the protection of your data and privacy. We strictly abide by the confidentiality agreement for sensitive information related to the production and trade of the company, and will not disclose information to anyone for any reason to the third party, and will not pose a potential threat to the interests of the company.
  • Add-on Services

    Provide customers with continuous tracking of relevant regulations and policies and timely updates; Provide enterprise information change service and reminders of the extension of the qualifications for approved enterprises; Help companies communicate with importers and law enforcement agencies; Assist in import food label review, customs clearance assistance, etc.

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