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Enterprise access, technical regulations, standards, conformity assessment, SPS measures, risk early warning and technical trade measures, to provide customers with the best compliance technical solutions to meet target market access conditions, eliminate technical trade barriers, and promote the integration of global food trade.

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Brief Introduction

GACC Compliance and Registration Organization is a specialized support organization established under official rules. It maintains good communication with the General Administration of Chinese Customs(GACC), China's food safety regulatory agencies, overseas food regulatory agencies, embassies in China, and testing laboratories. Consulting bridge between manufacturers, exporters and Chinese food regulatory agencies, eliminating cumbersome regulations and language barriers, assisting overseas manufacturers of imported food to complete China Customs GACC access registration, exporter filing, global food access compliance, and training Translation, consulting services, interpretation of Chinese policies and standards, GACC remedy measures, etc.; the expert team is composed of a number of food-related professionals with doctorates, masters, and government work experience. They are experienced and good at communication, and provide accurate straight-through solutions. The concept of "Compliance is Value" offers itself to serve customers, avoid risks such as misjudgment, delay in port, return of shipments, recalls, etc., help customers achieve corporate access and product compliance, and help global companies expand target markets.

Our entity is familiar with the recommended registration procedures of overseas production enterprises of mainstream counties, food standards and regulatory elements, and provides support for overseas enterprises access and food compliance registration of Chinese and even global food production enterprises.

In view of the specially team with professional technology and proficient language, many companies around the world hire us as their annual expert consultants; we also attach great importance to the data and privacy protection of our partners, and strictly abide by the confidentiality of business information involving production and trade. we will not disclose information to any third party for any reason, and continue to provide and improve follow-up value-added services to promote the smooth progress of food trade to meet the growing consumer demands.
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GACC Registration Support

Familiar with Chinese customs access and product compliance laws and regulations, maintain close communication with overseas national food safety regulatory agencies, help applicants achieve enterprise access and product compliance in accordance with official standards and procedures, and quickly enter the Chinese market to enhance competitiveness.
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