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Seller of Contract or Shipper of BL

The customs does not issue certificates, and the filing qualification is permanently valid, beware of unknown certificates and fraudulent websites.
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Exporter or Shipper

Scope of Application

This applies to all varieties of food products exported from overseas to mainland China as the destination port. It is mandatory for overseas exporters or the 'Shipper' listed on the bill of lading to undergo a registration process. Once this registration is successfully completed, they will be issued an exclusive 11-digit number.
(In China's administrative reform, AQSIQ no longer exist)

Laws and regulations

"Imported food importers and exporters filing regulations"
GACC Decree No.249"The Measures of the People's Republic of China for the Administration of Import and Export Food Safety"Article 19:

An overseas exporter or agent that exports food to China (hereinafter referred to as the "overseas exporter or agent") shall make a filing with the General Administration of Customs.

An overseas exporter or agent, or food importer shall be responsible for the truthfulness and validity of the materials provided when making a filing.

A list of overseas exporters or agents and food importers that have made a filing shall be published by the General Administration of Customs.

Filing Procedure

  • 01

    Make registration and log in http://online.customs.gov.cn/, and enter the record filing page of overseas exporters or agents of imported food.

  • 02

    To submit an electronic application, the content must be standardized, complete, true and valid; according to the requirements of GACC, corresponding written information should be provided when necessary;

  • 03

    GACC audits accordingly.

  • 04

    Record filing approve or reject.

Our Assistance
1. Make solution or provide assistance of the registration at the online record filing page.

2. Submit the electronic application to ensure that the content is standardized, complete, authentic and effective at one time; according to the actual situation, assist or act as an agent to provide the corresponding written information when necessary.

3. Follow up the GACC audit progress, and maintain timely communication with GACC to ensure the approval of the record.


Common Mistakes


  • Q

    Which enterprises need to Filing?

    The seller of the trade contract or invoice, the shipper on the BL
  • Q

    Will the customs issue a certificate after the overseas exporter has successfully filed for the record?

    No. However, there are websites that imitate the visual system of customs, setting servers overseas in an attempt to evade supervision, self-made certificate and collect fees once a year, which is a crime.
  • Q

    Is there a validity period for filing?

    Valid forever. Beware of fraudulent websites that self-set expiration dates and take advantage of information asymmetry to commit fraud.
  • Q

    I am both the manufacturer and exporter, do i need to do the exporter record filing after the enterprise is registered on GACC's Cifer system?

    Yes, according to GACC Decree No. 249 The Measures of the People's Republic of China for the Administration of Import and Export Food Safety, the exporter must make registration.
  • Q

    The name, address or contact person of the registered company has changed, do I need to update it?

    According to GACC Decree No. 249 The Measures of the People's Republic of China for the Administration of Import and Export Food Safety Article 20:Where there is a change in the content of the filing, the overseas exporter or agent or food importer shall process the modification formalities with the filing authorities within 60 days from the change date.Where the information filed by an overseas exporter or agent, or a food importer is found to be erroneous, or the content of his or her filing fails to be modified in a timely manner, the Customs Administration may order him or her to make corrections within a specified period.

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