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Regarding the Inspection and Quarantine Requirements for the Animal Products of Mongolia

According to the regulations of the relevant laws and regulations of China, and the GACC and the Mongolian State Administration of Customs on Mongolia's industrial land -based animal products and veterinarian hygiene requirements, from now to Animal products import.


1. Inspection and quarantine basis


(1) "The Law of the People's Republic of China";


(2) The "Law of the People's Republic of China in and out of the country" and the implementation regulations;


(3) "Measures for the Inspection and Quarantine of Non-Edible Animal Products";


(4) The General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China and the Mongolian State Administration of Customs on the Protocol of Mongolian Industrial Animal Products and Veterinary Health Requirements ".


2. Scope of imported products


The industrial used animal products in this announcement refer to the industrial use products made of dried, cooked, refined, spray drying, etc. Including industrial gum, oil, protein, bone granules, horn hoof products, etc.


3. Production enterprise requirements


The production and processing enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the manufacturer) of the production and processing enterprises of the Mongolian Loan Industry (hereinafter referred to as Mongolia) should be approved by the official department of Mongolia registered with Chinese assessment. Production enterprises should meet the following requirements:


(1) With a comprehensive veterinary hygiene and epidemic prevention system and product traceability management system, the production processing process meets the requirements of veterinary hygiene.


(2) It has facilities that meet the requirements of production, processing, epidemic prevention, disinfection, sewage and waste treatment.


(3) Warehouses with independent storage and transmission of Chinese products, take effective measures to prevent cross -pollution, breeding of insect evils, and spoofing.


(4) The production and processing process is under effective supervision of Mongolia.


The registration period of the production enterprise is valid for 5 years, and 3 months before the registration expires, Mongolia should submit an application for an extension to China. After receiving the application, the Chinese side handled the extension in accordance with the relevant procedures.


4. Import product requirements


(1) Source sources of raw materials.


1. The source of raw materials is born and breeding in Mongolia for at least 6 months, and is a healthy animal under effective supervision of Mongolia.


2. Within the radius of the farm and slaughterhouses involved in raw materials, there are major animal diseases such as anthrax, pendulum dystrophy, small anti -rhodium epidemic, African horse plague, cow nodular skin diseases within 6 months.


3. The raw material source animals were slaughtered at the slaughterhouse approved by Mongolia, which was qualified before and after the quarantine, and the clinical symptoms of no animal infectious diseases.


(2) Production and processing requirements.


1. The heat processing methods such as drying, cooking, refining, and spray drying are adopted for production. The heat processing should ensure that the heating temperature of the product center should not be less than 120 ° C, and lasts at least 30 minutes.


2. If other production and processing processes are adopted, they should be completely destroyed with hoof disease and small anti -scaling epidemic virus, and they should be approved by China.


3. Industrial oil products should be added with industrial pigments. The pigmentation should be sufficient and uniform, and the final product is dark green.


4. Mongolia has effectively supervised the production and processing process to ensure that the processing temperature, time, and industrial pigmentation continue to meet the requirements.


5. Packaging and label requirements


(1) Packaging with new materials meets the requirements of veterinary hygiene and public health.


(2) The Chinese and English labels are directly printed on the outer packaging. The label information includes the name name, the name of the production enterprise, and its registration number, the date of production, and the word "non -human consumption" in a prominent position.


6. Storage and transportation requirements


(1) Products should be stored in independent warehouses, and effective measures should be taken to prevent cross -pollution, breeding of insect evils, and spoofing.


(2) After the product packaging, the storage and transportation process should be kept clean, and effective measures should be taken to avoid contamination during the storage and transportation process.


7. Requirement and certificate requirements before exit


Industrial terrestrial animal products shall be inspected and quarantine by Mongolia, and a veterinary health certificate shall be issued to prove that the product meets the requirements of both parties.


8. Requirements for entry inspection and quarantine


(1) Quarantine approval.


Before signing a trade contract, imported enterprises shall go through the approval procedures for entry and plant quarantine in accordance with relevant regulations to obtain the "Entry and Plant Quarantine License".


(2) Certificate of verification.


  1. Check whether to obtain the "Entry and Plant Quarantine License" in accordance with relevant regulations and whether it comes from registered production enterprises.


  2. Check whether the veterinary health certificate is true and effective.


(3) Checkout.


In accordance with relevant laws, administrative regulations, rules and other regulations, China Customs shall implement inspection and quarantine on industrial terrestrial animal products in accordance with the requirements of this announcement. Those who pass the inspection and quarantine are allowed to enter the country.


(4) Do not pass the situation.


1. Those who have no valid veterinary health certificate shall not apply for the "Entry and Plant Quarantine License" in accordance with relevant regulations, and shall be returned or destroyed.


2. Products from non -registered registered Mongolian manufacturers for return or destruction.


3. Finding soil, animal corpses, animal excretion, quarantine harmful creatures or other prohibited entry objects cannot be processed, and effective quarantine treatment cannot be performed.


4. If the label does not meet the requirements and cannot be corrected, it will be returned.


5. Those who do not meet the requirements of this announcement of imported products shall be returned or destroyed.


6. If the bulk and container are broken, the owner or the agent is responsible for finishing it. If the packaging is damaged and there is a risk of active plant epidemic, it shall disinfect the venue, items, and appliances contaminated.


7. Discovering major security and health issues, China will notify Mongolia, and take measures to strengthen inspection and quarantine, suspend relevant registration enterprises to export qualifications for China.


  Special announcement.


Nov. 3, 2023

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