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Announcement on imported Argentine's original wool quarantine and sanitation requirements

According to the relevant laws and regulations of my country and the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of Argentina on the regulations on the quarantine and health requirements of Argentina's primary wool in China, from now on, Argentina's primary wool imports that meet the following requirements are allowed.


1. Inspection and quarantine basis


(1) "The Law of the People's Republic of China";


(2) The "Law of the People's Republic of China in and out of the country" and the implementation regulations;


(3) "Measures for the Inspection and Quarantine of Non -Edible Animal Products";


(4) "The General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of Argentina for the As quarantine and hygiene requirements of Argentina's original wool losses in China".


2. Scope of imported products


The primary wool in this announcement refers to the unprocessed fat -containing wool from Argentina.


3. Production enterprise requirements


Original wool production, processing and storage enterprises (hereinafter referred to as "production enterprises") were approved by the National Agricultural Food Health and Quality Bureau (hereinafter referred to as Afang), which are affiliated to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, The General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as China) is registered. Production enterprises should meet the following requirements:


(1) Environmental hygiene and cleanliness, raw materials storage, production and processing, and finished product storage are reasonable. The venue is flat and hardening.


(2) There are necessary facilities and equipment to meet the production, processing and reserve, and have effective measures to prevent insects and mouse prevention.


(3) A comprehensive traceability system including raw materials entry, processing, storage, and factory records.


(4) With standardized production and processing operation process requirements or operating guidelines, the production, processing and storage process meets the requirements of veterinary hygiene, and has not mixed processing and storage with other animal products.


The registration period of the production enterprise is valid for 5 years, and the Afghanistan should submit an extension of the registration application to the Chinese side 6 months before the expiry of the validity period, and the Chinese side will apply for extension in accordance with relevant regulations.


Fourth, import product requirements


(1) Product source hygiene requirements.


1. According to the relevant provisions of the World Animal Health Organization (WOAH), Argentina has no foot -and -mouth disease, small anti -rhinoplasty epidemic, cottonal acne, and goat acne. If the above disease occurs in Argentina, Afang should immediately stop exporting the original wool to China.


2. Within 6 months before the animal shearing, the animal source area (centered on the farm as the center, within at least 50 kilometers of radius) does not occur. No reporter was infected with anthracnose and Broosteria.


3. The source of the raw wool sources should be born and cultivated in Argentina, and it is in healthy animals under the monitoring of animal epidemic diseases.


4. Primary wool source animals are not limited by moving restrictions on anthrax, Bruceta (Malta), etc., which can spread to harm to human health and animal health through primary wool.


(2) Production and processing requirements.


1. Before packeting of the original wool, professionals who meet the relevant regulations of Afang are picked and classified in accordance with the specified process to avoid miscellaneous and harmful weeds and weed seeds such as animal tissue, blood, feces, soil, etc.


2. The primary wool is cleaned, and no different fiber pollution.


5. Packaging and label requirements


(1) Packaging is new or disinfected, with good appearance and good performance.


(2) There are clear English marks on the packaging. The content should be at least: native country, product name, production batch number, enterprise registration number, package number, transportation mark.


6. Storage and transportation requirements


(1) The packaging containers and containers of the original wool should be clean and tidy, which meets the requirements of veterinary hygiene.


(2) Before the container was used, the effective disinfection agent was disinfected under the supervision of the Afghanistan.


(3) Afang's consciousness of tampering for containers loaded with raw wool.


(4) The original wool takes necessary pollution measures during processing, storage and transportation.


(5) The primary wool is transported by third -party countries and regions, and the container cannot be turned on during the transit period, and the sealing should be kept intact.


7. Requirement and certificate requirements before exit


The original wool shall be inspected and quarantine in accordance with Argentina's laws and regulations and relevant linguistic letters, and the qualified health certificate shall be issued to prove that it meets the requirements of the relevant linguistics.


8. Requirements for entry inspection and quarantine


When the original wool arrived at the port of China, the Chinese Customs implemented quarantine in accordance with the following requirements.


(1) Certificate of verification.


1. Check whether it comes from registered enterprises.


2. Check whether the health certificate is true and effective.


(2) Cargo inspection.


In accordance with relevant laws, administrative regulations, rules and other regulations, Chinese Customs shall implement inspection and quarantine on Argentina's transit Huayuan wool. Those who pass the inspection and quarantine are allowed to enter the country.


(3) Significant processing.


1. No valid hygiene certificate, return or destroy.


2. Products from non -registered registered registered production enterprises for return or destroy treatment.


3. Find a clip or pollution soil, animal corpse, animal excretion, quarantine harmful creatures or other prohibited entry objects. Effective quarantine treatment cannot be performed for returns or destroyed.


4. The label does not meet the requirements and cannot be corrected.


5. If the scattered and container is broken, the owner or agent is responsible for organizing it. If the packaging is damaged and there is a risk of active plant epidemic, it shall disinfect the contaminated venues, items, and appliances.


6. Finding major security and hygiene issues, China will notify the Afghanistan, and take measures such as strengthening inspection and quarantine and suspending relevant registration and registered production enterprises to export to China.


  Special announcement.


October 25, 2023

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