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Uzbekistan Poultry Meat Granted Access

Uzbekistan Poultry Meat Granted Access: Stay Ahead with Compliance, Win with Deliciousness


In June of this year, the General Administration of Customs of China issued a significant announcement allowing formal importation of Uzbekistan poultry meat into China. This pivotal step not only offers immense benefits to Uzbekistan enterprises but also presents substantial potential business opportunities for domestic importers.


Compliance Requirements to Steer Your Progress:

Adhering to the Customs Administration's announcement, to ensure the compliant entry of your Uzbekistan poultry meat into the Chinese market, proactive completion of the following compliance tasks is essential:

1. Production Enterprise Requirements: Enterprises exporting poultry meat to China must obtain registration with the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as GACC). Unregistered poultry meat producers not meeting China's and Uzbekistan's legal and regulatory requirements are prohibited from exporting to China.

2. Inspection and Quarantine Requirements: Ensure poultry meat products are free from contamination by pathogenic microorganisms and meet China's and Uzbekistan's legal and regulatory requirements as well as international standards. Residue levels of veterinary drugs, pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful substances in the products must not exceed the stipulated maximum limits.

3. Certificate Requirements: Each batch of imported frozen poultry meat must be accompanied by an official original veterinary health certificate, verifying product compliance with relevant regulations.

4. Packaging, Transportation, and Storage Requirements: Product packaging must be clean, hygienic, and clearly labeled. During transportation, sealed containers must be used and sealed. Product storage temperatures must adhere to regulations.

5. Edible Poultry By-Product Requirements: Exported edible poultry by-products must originate from traceable farms and processing facilities, with processing procedures meeting hygiene standards.

6. Additional Guidelines: This includes processing conditions, personnel hygiene, temperature requirements, and post-processing product quality standards.


Regulatory Interpretation, All at Your Fingertips:

GACC's announcement involves intricate legal regulations that may lead to confusion. We understand the potential challenges you face. Our expert team can interpret the GACC's requirements and provide an all-in-one enterprise registration solution, ensuring every step adheres to the latest regulatory standards.


Efficient Assistance, Accelerate Market Entry:

In the fiercely competitive market, time is synonymous with efficiency. Our agency services can help you save precious time, expedite registration processes, and enable your products to reach the market swiftly, securing a competitive advantage.


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